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From Sb’s Desk: Wooster takes Silver!

What’s hot in sustainability right now? The STARS Report. And guess who just finished one? The College of Wooster. AASHE, the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, initiated a rating system in 2009 and has since rated … Continue reading

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From Sb’s Desk: Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The College of Wooster’s first inventory of scope one and two greenhouse gas emissions is complete! Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Fiscal Year 2012-2013 eCO2: equivalent carbon dioxide emissions*, MT: metric tons Scope 1 On-Campus Cogeneration Plant: 12,894.5 MT eCO2 Natural Gas: 48,810 … Continue reading

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From Sb’s Desk: Move-out, move-in, and moving waste out of the landfill

Finals week doesn’t feel all that long ago. Commencement shivers of excitement and unseasonably cold weather are still fresh in my mind. Finally, with the mass exodus of students, there always comes a mad rush of move-out waste and diversion … Continue reading

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Climate change and political instability

Here’s a story from Swarthmore College about climate change, agriculture, and the potential for war. Our own professor Matt Mariola is interviewed about 24 minutes into the story. Recent visitor Richard Matthew is also featured. It’s a spin on climate … Continue reading

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String of Cups Display

If you have not yet noticed, along the path between Lowry Student Center and Kauke Hall is a String of Disposable Paper Cups hung between the trees. This display aims to convey the amount of disposable cup waste we generate on campus. … Continue reading

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From Sb’s Desk: the Psychology of a Purchase

Beginning today, the listed price of drinks at MacLeod’s and Old Main will drop $0.25. The truth is, beverages have always had a misleading price. Considering the reusable mug program, you’ve always been able to get a drink at the … Continue reading

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From Sb’s Desk: The “March Off Coal” doesn’t move us very far forward

COW may have quit coal, but we have replaced it with another dirty habit: natural gas. The switch was official as of March 1st, 2013. While the decision to switch had a lot of financial bearing, some will remember the … Continue reading

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New release

A new book, edited by ethologist Mark Bekoff, presents an argument for why we need to change our attitudes about nature. His goal is to critique the implicit (and sometimes explicit) attitude of domination and exploitation with which humans approach … Continue reading

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Rethinking Pedagogy in Community Sustainability

Sustainability, Democracy, Pedagogy: On Locating Ourselves in Dark Times   Kimberly Curtis in The Journal of Sustainability Education   Coming out of the 2008 recession, educational institutions responded to cuts in state legislature and drops in endowment by implementing multiple … Continue reading

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Doing sustainability work

I recently attended the meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology in New Orleans. (I know, tough life.) What made this conference distinctive, and convinced me to attend, was the day-long preconference devoted to a discussion of how … Continue reading

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