From Sb’s Desk: Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The College of Wooster’s first inventory of scope one and two greenhouse gas emissions is complete!

Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Fiscal Year 2012-2013
eCO2: equivalent carbon dioxide emissions*, MT: metric tons

Scope 1
On-Campus Cogeneration Plant: 12,894.5 MT eCO2
Natural Gas: 48,810 MMBtu
Coal (Steam Coal): 4,784 Short Tons
Electric Output: 703,281 kWh

Other On-Campus Stationary Sources: 688.2 MT eCO2
Natural Gas: 12,940 MMBtu

University Fleet: 308.8 MT eCO2
Gasoline: 27,029 gallons
Diesel: 6,222 gallons

Refrigerants & Chemicals: 2,455.0 MT eCO2
HFC-134a: 210 pounds
HFC-404a: 60 pounds
HFC-23: 330 pounds

Fertilizer Application: 39.2 MT eCO2
Synthetic (N=26.7%): 35,000 pounds

Scope 2
Purchased: 9,723.3 MT eCO2
Electricity: 15,136,800 kWh

In total, our scope 1&2 emissions for the past fiscal year were: 26,109 MT of equivalent carbon dioxide.


*All conversions to equivalent tons of carbon dioxide are from the Clean Air Cool Planet’s Emissions Calculator v6.9

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