From Sb’s Desk: the Psychology of a Purchase

Beginning today, the listed price of drinks at MacLeod’s and Old Main will drop $0.25. The truth is, beverages have always had a misleading price. Considering the reusable mug program, you’ve always been able to get a drink at the new, lower price; some people just never knew it. The original price of all beverages included the cost of a disposable cup, lid and cardboard sleeve all along. Now, the cost of that disposable cup will be added, only after the drink is ordered and no reusable mug is presented.

Under the previous system, a $0.25 discount was offered on a drink purchase when a reusable mug was used; the incentive was purely a financial benefit. You would normally spend that quarter on a disposable cup, but you remembered your mug today, good for you, you deserve a reward. The only motivation for sustainable action is the reward of a quarter. This sounds nice, and it helped to establish the reusable mug program as a viable and worth-while program for the school, but it is not enough to create behavior change.

Today, when anyone purchases a drink, a $0.25 fee will be added to the purchase price of a drink without a reusable mug. This will hopefully permeate the whole interaction of a beverage purchase to discourage the use of disposable cups. Our goal is to make reusable mugs the norm on campus, be it student, staff or visitor who is ordering the drink.

A reusable mug has been provided to every student, staff and faculty via a credit on their ID card. At any point, anyone may ‘check out’ a mug for use. This same mug can also be ‘checked in’ to reinstate the mug credit, or it can be traded for a clean mug, at MacLeod’s and Old Main. There is also a mug exchange at the spiral stairwell swiper into Lowry cafeteria, where you can get a clean mug in exchange for a dirty one as you enter.
The black Wooster reusable mug is not the only reusable mug. Anyone can provide their own mug or reusable container of any shape and size for their beverage of choice to avoid the disposable fee.

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