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A new book, edited by ethologist Mark Bekoff, presents an argument for why we need to change our attitudes about nature. His goal is to critique the implicit (and sometimes explicit) attitude of domination and exploitation with which humans approach the natural world, and replace it with an attitude of “compassionate conservation”.


The chapters in the book are organized into sections onIgnoring_front_1-1 “Ethics, conservation, and animal protection”, “Conservation behavior and enlightened management”, “Conservation economics and politics”, “Human dimensions of justice, empathy, and compassion” (in which section I’m pleased to have a chapter included), and “Culture, religion, and spirituality”. The goal is to look at animal conservation from all sides, including practical and moral perspectives, human and animal concerns, and make a strong argument for thinking about our responsibility to the natural world.

I hope that it makes those already committed to conservation think more about the complexities involved. Those who aren’t interested in conservation, unfortunately, probably won’t read it. Ignoring_back


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