Wooster in North East India (Summer 2013 Off Campus Study Opportunity)

Nothing to do this summer and interested in examining Sustainability during an Off Campus Study program? Read on.

Program Website: http://northeastindia.voices.wooster.edu/

This 2 credit program (one: History/Politic Sci, one: Environmental Studies) takes place in the cities of Shillong and Darjeeling, located within the state of Meghalaya (highlighted in Red in the picture below), during May and June of 2013.


Information sessions (Lowry 119) : Thursday, January the 17th at 4 pm OR Friday, January the 18th at noon.

The deadline for applications is Monday, February the 4th, 2013 at 5 pm.  

Financial assistance is available.



Interested in the student experience itself? http://oneyearthreecontinents.wordpress.com/ and http://mataindia.blogspot.com/

Click HERE for the application form. (Log in with your Novell password)

Please direct any queries to Professor Peter Pozefsky or Nicola Kille.

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