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Students of the 4-year ad hoc group, the Water Bottle Committee, can once again eat dinner with their friends on Sunday evenings. Their years of fighting the disposable plastic water bottle have come to an end, and on a high note. Starting this semester, water bottles will not be included in the items for purchase with flex or swipes. Disposable water bottles have been removed from Mom’s, Pop’s, MacLeod’s and Old Main so that they cannot be purchased with any money included in student meal plans.

The mentality that gave rise to calling flex dollars “monopoly money” has contributed to the voluminous purchase of the 1,000 water bottles each week. Look for Committee members in Lowry, tabling with their giant ‘water bottle’ made to represent these 1,000 bottles. Won’t it be nice to get all those out of our waste stream! If you have or hear any complaints, these should not be directed towards any Dining Services staff. Instead, email myself ( or attend an SGA Meeting.

Water Bottles Gone
Now Gus Fuguitt and Erin Plews-Ogan can graduate in peace (after they finish I.S. that is).

The other group that is being disbanded is REEF, the Revolving-Door Environmental Efficiency Fund. The idea started as an investment fund that would pay for any money-saving environmental initiative. Most simple ideas were quickly completed by the performance contract, which has made a huge impact on the efficiency of our campus in a short period of time, but consequently stunted the growth of REEF. These small projects not only grow the monetary funds, but also grow students’ capacity to write proposals, work with staff, and think about what our campus could be.

The new lights in the Underground will be the first and only project funded by REEF. Replacing old, energy-sucking lights, these new LED’s will start saving money now, and become an integral part of a larger upgrade in the future. Even with REEF, the U.G. still has to fit the cost of these lights into the budget. The difference in the future will be departments saving money for efficiency upgrades before they can get them.

It is sad to see the fund go, but that doesn’t mean anyone should stop proposing projects. Any initiative that could have been funded by REEF can still be funded by the affected department. Anyone can still accomplish good deal with collaboration, determination, and some good ideas.

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