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When I graduated and began my apartment search, I kept thinking, “I need to be able to walk to work”. Come rain or shine, inches of ice or feet of snow, I was going to walk. Growing up in the snow belt of Ohio, I knew I was prepared for the challenge. Now I realize not everyone is acclimated to walking through three feet of snow a few months each year. Not that walking is the only way to get around Wooster, a town that does not regularly get three feet of accumulation, but it is convenient, free, and requires no maintenance. On campus, our grounds department does an incredible job of clearing paths to make walking the primary mode of transportation all year long.

To get around town, most students opt for a personal car once the weather gets cold. Before spending the gas, consider the Wooster Hospitality Transit. The bus runs up and down town daily, and everyone with a COW Card has free access to this service. Check the new bus schedule outside Lowry Center to see if they can get you where you’re going.

If you’re trying to get further off campus and don’t own a car, Hertz Rent-a-Car is always an option. Registration and rentals are online; contact Becky Frybarger with questions about getting your rental from the security office.

During breaks and weekends, check the RideShare website ( and catch a ride out of town. You could get a ride home or somewhere nearby, explore a new town or visit old friends. If you have a car and are travelling over break or just for a weekend and have an empty seat, post your ride to reduce the number of cars on the road. Most riders are willing to help pay for gas.

In the spring, look for rentals from the Bike Club. Their new garage is behind Iceman house, and their garage hours will be posted outside Lowry by the bus schedule. If you are interested in being a Bike Manager, contact Anna Mudd. There is a $40 deposit to rent bikes, but it will be repaid in full at any time during the year as long as you’ve returned your rentals on time and unbroken.

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