Creativity continued: Wooster alumni at work

Early in December I had the chance to attend a screening of some short films by Wooster alumnus Ted Burger. Ted has been working primarily in China, where he has produced some award-winning films. More recently he has moved to Vietnam and Cambodia.

In Vietnam, he worked with adolescents to help them put together a film about the local impacts of climate change.  This is part of a project called participatory filmmaking, where the goal is not only to produce the film but to give the filmmakers the skills to make the film themselves, so they can continue after the project is done.

In Cambodia, he’s working on a project inspired by fellow Wooster alumna Dekila Chungyalpa, to document the role of Buddhist monks in educating their community about environmental conservation.

This intersection of environmental concern, activism, artistry, collaboration, and global involvement symbolizes to me what a liberal arts education can lead to: not a specific destination, but an openness to possibility and the skills to approach new opportunities in creative ways.burger

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