From Sb’s Desk: Wrapping up

What a great and productive week. Events of every shape and size were both exciting and informative. Tabling distributed a huge variety of information. If you would like to follow up about anything you’ve learned or want more information, please contact me.

The recycling competition has been postponed due to some miscommunication with custodial, but the prize for the winning dorm is still a pizza party with Donatos. There has been a great effort in increase awareness of recycling, thanks to the ‘memes’ from the Political Rhetoric communications class and their distribution of Gus Fuguitt’s new, easy to read recycling sign.

The new display case over the bulletin boards in front of Lowry is for our new WHT bus schedule and the bike club’s garage hours. Matt Policastro based his design of the bus schedule on the New York Metro’s style. It looks really great, check it out. We’ll be working on getting it posted online as well. The WHT bus is free with any COW card.
The new bike club garage is still looking for a few more managers before it can set daily hours of operation, so if you are interested please contact Anna Mudd.


This past Saturday was the Vegan Co-Op and the final event of Reduce Reuse Recycle week. Congratulations to the winners of the found-object art competition:

In second place: Celeste Tannenbaum won $25 to Pat Catan’s for her plastic flowers.

And in first place: Colin Bauman won $75 to for his trinket robot.

Lastly, the winner of the people’s choice, she got the most of the 85 votes cast on Sunday: Maria Janasz won a variety pack of cupcakes from Faithful Little Cupcake for her painting on compressed particle board.


Thank you to everyone who submitted an art piece, Amanda Priest for taking these lovely pictures, Campus Sustainability Committee for sponsoring this event, Susan Clayton for supplying the awards, and everyone who participated in this jam-packed week.

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