Scot Center reception

As part of RRR week, we had a reception in the Scot Center featuring local food prepared by Campus Dining. The reception honored the winners of an environmental studies scholarship funded by ESG: seniors Erin Plews-Ogan and Erika Takeo, and juniors Rita Frost and Andrea Steiger. Congratulations to the winners, whose academic record and engagement with environmental issues got them $2500 each.

We also asked for suggestions about how to make Wooster more sustainable. Here’s what you said:
PLEASE eliminate plastic water bottles! (More refill stations)
More compost bins on campus
More local food in the dining halls (especially meat)
Reusable to-go boxes in Lowry
Bulk foods (no packaging)
Student food co-ops
Ability to use Flex dollars at the market for fresh, local produce

Hmmm, a definite “food” theme. Good suggestions. If you’re interested in what we’re already doing to promote sustainable dining, check out the dining services website.

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