Reduce Reuse Recycle Week

Schedule of Events
Sunday, Oct 21
1-3:30pm: Walk in the Park, meet outside Lowry and walk to Christmas Run Park together and spend the afternoon enjoying the outdoors.
4-8pm: Kick-Off Art-Off, a found-object art competition sponsored by Campus Sustainability Committee. Gift card prizes for 1st and 2nd place. Submissions due by 4pm in Lowry Pit and will be on display till 8pm.
Monday, Oct 22: Reduce
Res.Hall Recycling Competition Begins
Lunch and dinner tabling in Lowry lobby to introduce the dorm recycling competition, the personal trash collection exercise, and clothing drive (donations accepted). A communications class will have a trash/recycling sculpture in the pit this afternoon.
7pm: Wooster Democratic Socialists are playing the film ‘Flow’ in Kauke Tower
7:30pm: Dr. John Stolz will be speaking on the ‘Impacts of Unconventional Shale Gas Drilling’ in Mateer Auditorium.
Tuesday, Oct 23: Reduce
Lunch and dinner tabling in Lowry lobby to encourage alternative forms of transportation. Bike club will be present to talk about rental policies, personal bike registration (bring your bike), and recruiting for garage managers. The WHT bus schedule, GreenHouse’s ride share website and Hertz rent-a-car will also be on display.
5-7:30pm: Lowry dinner will have local cheeses and bread.
Wednesday, Oct 24: Reuse, Campus Sustainability Day
Lunch and dinner tabling in Lowry lobby will have upcycling ideas, like turning old t-shirts into bags (bring your old Tshirts) and plastic bags into yarn. Clothing donations continue.
2-3:30pm: The keynote webinar for Campus Sustainability Day ‘Preparing Students for a Changing Climate’ will be played in the CORE in Andrews Library.
7pm: ESG environmental scholarship reception in Scot Center Lobby. Locally-sourced refreshments will be provided.
Thursday, Oct 25: Reuse
Res.Hall Recycling Competition Ends
2-5:30pm: Sustainability Crafts Day and Clothing Swap will be in Lowry Pit. Craft materials will be available to decorate water bottles, mugs, bags, and anything reusable. The donated clothing will be available for free to anyone.
Friday, Oct 26: Recycle
10am-4pm: Recycling Extravaganza on the Lowry front patio. We will have the waste-sorting challenge, a collection for plastic bag recycling, electronics recycling, odd-item and re-use awareness, and someone setting laptops to default double-sided printing.
Saturday, Oct 27: Recycle
6pm: Vegan CoOp is a bi-weekly free dinner for anyone, funded by GreenHouse. Help cooking (with Chef Rick) and cleaning is appreciated. Bring your own bowl. RSVP’s are expected on facebook or by emailing
Art competition and recycling competition winners will be announced at the dinner.
All of this can be found on the facebook page,
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