Learning Garden Update 01

Here is part two of the photo log of the Sustainable Agriculture class’s Learning Garden planting.  (See here for pictures of the initial site preparation).  The class planted two different kinds of beds.  The first were experimental beds with spinach planted in different spacing and fertilizer combinations:

 The students have to plant at precise distances to keep the experiment robust:

They also got a surprise visit from celebrity guest Peg Cornwell, a gardening lover with a green thumb:

The second kind of beds are “personal beds” in which students may plant whatever vegetables they want, and in whatever combinations they desire:

Finally, we also planted several beds of cover crops in order to track their progress over the fall, winter, and even into next spring.  The bottom bed has oats and buckwheat undersown with white clover; the top bed has crimson clover and a special variety of radish that penetrates deep into the subsoil.

Stay tuned for more updates, including the surprisingly robust growth of all of these crops despite being on autumn’s doorstep.

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