Social Capital and Responses to Climate Change and Variability in Sub-Saharan Africa: Environmental Brown Bag 11/16/12

This Friday, on the 11/16/12, the Environmental Studies Program will have yet another Environmental Brown Bag Session.

As usual, it will take place in Morgan 309 at 12.00 noon.


The talk will be presented by Professor Camille Washington-Ottombre from Oberlin College, and she will be talking about Social Capital and Responses to Climate Change and Variability in Sub-Saharan Africa, as quoted from an abstract provided by her:

“Sub-Saharan Africans are often judged to be the “double losers” of climate change. They will first lose because they will deeply suffer from the consequences of an anthropogenic climate change without having emitted much greenhouse gases. According to most scientists, they will also lose because their limited access to physical and financial capital will not allow them to develop the technologies needed to adapt to climate change.

Instead of analyzing how doomed Sub-Saharan Africans are, I will argue in this talk that local communities all over Sub-Saharan Africa can mobilize their social capital to successfully respond to climate change and variability. Drawing from research in Kenya and Zambia, I will show how local communities build on a multi-layered social capital to cope and adapt to climate change and variability.”



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