The panda page

I had to include one!  Looking at it dispassionately, surely pandas are an evolutionary frivolity. It takes a lot of bamboo to keep a panda happy. But it’s hard to name an animal that inspires more affection than this one.

Of course, pandas are severely endangered, with about 2-3,000 supposedly remaining in the wild.  Captive breeding has been successful, but reintroduction seems to me like a pipe dream.  And with increasing pressure on remaining habitat, it’s not clear that there will be much “wild” left for them to go to.


So, I like pandas as much as anyone. But at some level I can’t help wondering what we’re saving them for. Just as tourist attractions?



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2 Responses to The panda page

  1. That story just gave me the willies, Holy shit!

  2. Susan says:

    Animal extinction IS scary. Wouldn’t it feel awful to think that all of our wild spaces were empty? Writer David Quammen compared it to the movie “Alien” and said, what would be really scary is going out into space and finding… nothing.
    What’s inspiring, though, is how so many people are working in so many ways to protect wild species. And there is hope, even for the panda, if enough people care that it has an impact on what societies do.

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